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Root canals are advanced procedures that can save your tooth after severe decay or damage, such as a broken or leaking filling, a cracked tooth, or trauma to your mouth. At Saugus Dental Laser Center in Santa Clarita, California, dentist Victoria Prasol, DDS, and her skilled team can help you retain a healthy mouth, even after significant trauma or decay. Call the office or book your appointment online to learn more about root canals today.

A root canal is a procedure that removes bacteria and infected tissue from your tooth. This stops the damage from spreading any further and allows you to preserve your natural tooth.

What are the symptoms of a tooth needing root canal treatment?

  • If you need root canal treatment, you’ll likely notice some of these symptoms:
  • Pain when you bite down or chew
  • Bump or pimple-like growth at the base of the tooth
  • Swollen gums around the tooth
  • Severe tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth pain at night
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • The affected tooth gets darker
  • Tooth feels loose


Early detection of oral health issues is one reason why it’s important to be consistent with your dental checkups. If you discover decay early before your symptoms even start, you can often get a filling rather than a root canal procedure.

The Saugus Dental Laser Center team always makes sure you’re comfortable before your treatment starts. Usually, you’ll receive local anesthesia to numb your tooth and the area surrounding it. Your provider creates a tiny entry point in the tooth then removes the pulp and nerve tissue inside. They clean the canals thoroughly, then seal them with sterile materials. Then, your provider generally places a small temporary filling at the tooth opening.

After a root canal procedure, the Saugus Dental Laser Center team highly recommends getting the tooth restored with either a custom crown or an inlay/onlay, depending on your needs. An in-house endodontist is avaiable for the proceudre as well.

A crown, inlay, or onlay completely covers the area where your dentist created a tooth opening, and it also lends strength to the tooth as a whole. Without restoration, your tooth is quite vulnerable to breakage after a root canal since it lacks its internal pulp. Once you have the restoration in place, you’ll have completely normal, pain-free tooth function again.

The Saugus Dental Laser Center team is dedicated to painless, smooth, and easy procedures, including root canals. Call the office or use the online booking tool to request a consultation today.


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