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If you want whiter teeth, the Saugus Dental Laser Center team is here to help you reach that goal quickly and with minimal effort. At their comfortable facility in Santa Clarita, California, dedicated dentist Victoria Prasol, DDS, and her team believe in using only the best teeth-whitening products, and that’s why they chose LumaLite™ products. Choose from a one-time in-office whitening procedure or the take-home trays to get amazingly white teeth in as little as an hour. Call the office or book your teeth-whitening consultation online today.

Saugus Dental Laser Center uses the high-tech LumaLite system for in-office whitening. This treatment can whiten your teeth by multiple shades in less than an hour. Your provider preps your teeth and gums, using protective shields to ensure a comfortable and safe treatment.

Then, they apply the light-activated gel and turn on the LumaLite lamp, which bleaches your teeth in just under a half hour. The hydrogen peroxide within the LumaLite gel boosts oxygen delivery to your tooth enamel and dentin (the layer just under your enamel). This pulls stains out of your teeth without damaging the tooth itself.

During the LumaLite teeth whitening treatment, you can watch TV, listen to music, or even take a short nap. You’ll see the effects instantly after your in-office LumaLite treatment, with up to eight shades of whitening in one session.

For home whitening, the Saugus Dental Laser Center team creates custom-made mouth trays to hold your whitening gel. You take the trays home and wear them as-recommended for a few hours a day for a period of two weeks to achieve your desired results. Home whitening can whiten your teeth by as many as seven shades. Some patients use home whitening trays as a touch-up after in office whitening services.Whitening trays are reusable, so patients can continue to use them for years.

Does drugstore teeth-whitening work?

Drugstore (over-the-counter) teeth-whitening products are both ineffective and inconvenient because the whitening trays don’t fit your mouth correctly. This leads to uneven gel application, gum irritation, and spotty results. Additionally, over-the-counter products are a lower percentage and far less powerful than the professional-grade LumaLite products at Saugus Dental Laser Center.

Is office whitening or the take-home whitening better for me?

It really depends on your personal schedule and goals. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up and need bright and white teeth really fast, the in-office LumaLite treatment is probably the best solution.

But, if you feel more comfortable doing your teeth whitening in your own home and are willing to wait a couple of weeks for results, talk to the Saugus Dental Laser Center team about home whitening. You really can’t go wrong with either because both give you measurable results with minimal effort.

For a sparkling white Hollywood smile, book your teeth-whitening consultation at Saugus Dental Laser Center by phone or online today.


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